Trump to negotiate nuclear disarmament of NK 6 replies

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#1 3 years ago

They just announced the plan to talk about it and I don't really see how it would be NK's interest, but if Trump manages to pull that one off I would be really impressed and very confused at the same time.

Why the sudden reversal? Did the US give NK to understand that war is imminent? Is it a clever move by NK to secure the stability of its dictatorship by selling their nukes for much-needed economic aid?

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#2 3 years ago

My guess is that this is going to be 90% media stunt, 5% possible assassination attempt from either side and the other 5% a glitch in the matrix.

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#3 3 years ago

Yeah, the 5% glitch in the matrix sounds about right. If these two guys are in private like they are in public there is a huge risk that this thing will backfire in a spectacular way.

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#4 3 years ago

Is it a trap? Trumps definitely going to be killed right?

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#5 3 years ago
Posted by RadioActiveLobster My guess is that this is going to be 90% media stunt, 5% possible assassination attempt from either side and the other 5% a glitch in the matrix.

Kim Jong-un may have lost his mind a little bit, but I'm sure he's not stupid. He damn well knows that if he'd even attempt anything as severe as that, it's going to be his downfall and everything else of his father's empire.

Were Trump to actually consider that instead, I wouldn't be surprised, though. It's not like there would be any big repercussions as it would the other way around.

One thing's for sure and that is that probably none of it [whatever they're planning] is sincere. embarrasmentx.gif

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#6 3 years ago

It's nothing new. North Korea has been requesting these meetings since the Clinton era. Your mileage may vary on whether accepting the meeting is a good idea, though. Many view it as legitimising an autocratic regime(I.E, bad), others view it as a necessary evil to help along peace negotiations(I.E, good).

Me? I doubt it'll do anything at all. They'll come out of it, praising one another, then within a week they'll be back to slinging insults online.

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#7 3 years ago

There's no mystery here.

Kim Jong Un always wanted a meeting with the president. So did his daddy. He wants, more than he wants anything, to be treated as an equal on the world stage. To meet with the President of the United States of America would give him that legitimacy.

It's one of the reasons why no other president has ever met with him. A presidential meeting is kept in reserve as a carrot, after North Korea has bowed to the stick. It's an end-game move.

Kim, as has been intimated above, isn't stupid. He knows his adversary pretty well, primarily because they're basically the same person. He clearly knew that Trump couldn't resist being offered the chance to become the first US president to establish a proper dialogue with NK (Trump is, predictably, already bragging about it), and he's offered the ultimate carrot in turn - nuclear disarmament.

What he hasn't done, and what makes this fucking stupid beyond all measure, is actually given anything up to get it. It's completely free. For somebody who purportedly wrote a book about deals, Trump is astonishingly bad at this.

So what we have here is the POTUS giving Kim everything he wanted - a meeting on equal terms, on his terms - in exchange for precisely nothing.

It's the diplomatic equivalent of giving a toddler the chocolate bar he wanted immediately after throwing a tantrum.

Kim has played Trump's personal weaknesses like a pro, and Trump has fallen for it. 

What do you suppose will come of this meeting, if it actually goes ahead? Nuclear disarmament? Why would Kim surrender his nuclear weapons now? Nuclear weapons have got him everything he ever wanted - he's immune to American invasion, and they've forced the POTUS to meet with him! He'll be able to go to his people and say "look! Now that we are powerful, even the American president has come running to talk to me!"

If we weren't prying them out of his cold, dead hands before (FYI - we weren't), we've got no chance now. In Kim's mind, the only reason this is happening at all is because America regards his tinpot shithole as being a force to be reckoned with now.

The only way Trump can salvage this disaster is if he snubs Kim. Just... doesn't turn up. Embarrasses the shit out of him. No letter of apologies, no ambassador in his stead, just leave him hanging.

If he turns up, he's destroyed decades of negotiations and any chance at disarmament.

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