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23rd March 2004

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#1 13 years ago

This thread, is designed to end all Republican/Democrat Threads, and bring them together in one thread...Anything, related to US politics. From the war in Iraq, to the newest thing the President has done/made. Let me begin the topic....The topic, can be changed at anytime, but please at least allow EVERY topic, some awarness. The War in Iraq: Was it worth it? Is the world safer without Sadam? Some redneck white trash conservatives says it is, yet hippy duchbag liberals, say No. From the soldiers view of the war, many are for it, but there are a big number, that says going to Iraq was a mistake...But the question lies at hand...Is the world much safer, now that Iraqi totalitarian dictaitor, is removed from office? Are the Iraq's able to govern themselves now that they have democracy?...And what will lie in the future of Iraq? Is it possible, that Iraq, will soon elect another dictaitor into office? Is it possible, that the Iraq's, will be under constant terror from the insurgents? As you may have know the United States government, sent troops to Iraq to remove Sadam, who posed a threat, of sending either a chemical, or a biologcal attack on the homeland. Now that there are no evidence of WMD, niether are there evidence of WMD being built...another question blooms from this war...Why was Iraq liberated...why not North Korea, whom a long-time member of the Communist government, a threat towards democracy, and capitalism, and a nation know for its nuclear capabilities...Why is it strange, that Iraq, whom George W. Bush's father George H.W. Bush, fought in the Persan Gulf war of the early 1990's, is the first targeted country? A nation whom was humiliated by the Coalition Army of the 1990's, having went from one of the strongest armies in the world to, a mere militia of bandits. Why is Iraq the first nation to be liberated?. Is this, because of the vengance George W. Bush had? Since Sadam Hussien, ordered the assassination attempt on George H.W. Bush in 1992? Why is Iraq the first nation to be free of terrorists, and dictaitorship? We shall allow those to speak.....BEFORE YOU POST, PLEASE STATE WEITHER YOU ARE FOR IT (R) OR, AGAINST IT (D) OR YOU DONT CARE (I),



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15th January 2004

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#2 13 years ago

Moved to the pub, because frankly, I don't want to deal with it.

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19th January 2004

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#3 13 years ago

If this thread was meant to be in the melee, I don't see why it's in The Pub.


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29th November 2003

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#4 13 years ago

It would have developed the same outcome as other threads that have dragged on this old arguement. Leave it be.