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#91 16 years ago

Dude, we are not psychic. Maybe if you put you are from Ukraine in your location, we might know. As for us attacking Russia, the United States is not that stupid. Attacking Russia would be suicide.

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#92 16 years ago
Nesh_reanimatorFirst of all I AM NOT UKRAINIAN.

Ok, calm the fuck down.

I looked at the thread. You are wrong, pure and simple. Achilles did not say the world watched while the US fought. If you read carefully (and I accept as English isn't your first language you may have missed it) he is saying that AMERICA sat and watched the world fight in World War Two, thinking the war would never come to THEM, before Pearl Habour. He is saying, in fact, the exact opposite of what you think he did, and what you've for no apparent reason come into this thread screaming about.

I WAS BORN IN THE SOVIET UNION!!!!And if you think,that Soviet Union gone.Now in Ukrain almost 48% want to be in Union of Russia,Belorussia,Kazahstan and Ukrain.And believe,even if I live in your F*KIN contry I post the same thing as I post this things now. And LAST,YOU mf never understand this.I AM RUSSIAN,and whereever would I live-I would love my motherland.Living in the other contry didn`t meen that you must forget about your real motherland.

So to be clear, you were born in Ukraine, when it was a part of the Soviet Union, and you think that makes you Russian? Do you have a Russian passport? Do other Russians think you are Russian? It doesn't matter how many people want the USSR back, the fact is that it has gone for good. Sorry.



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#93 16 years ago

[Flaming part deleted] First of all, I was born in USSR(Union of the Soviet Socialistic Republic), in territory of Ukrainian Socialistic Soviet Republic (USSR too),and I can show you my...whow you callesd it...birth document, in wich crealy writed, that i am Russian,not ukrainian. My parrents are Russian,and I have many relatives in Russia. And in ukrainian pasport nationality is absent,so,sory,i can`t show it for you.And one more.Whereever you live,our nationality couldn` change! It`s two different things.As well as living in Russia don`t meen you have already became Russian. It`s about documents, pasport and other s*it. I now man, born,and live in your fk states, but he is russian. Not in pasport, in soul. Beeing american meens to get money as much as posible,meening of beeing russian hide somewhere much deeper.

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