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5th July 2005

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#21 14 years ago

wow... whats the matter with the everyone? its all just religion... we believe in the same God and just cause we follow different custom it doesnt mean that we have to fight for the religion. Well the world is already screwed up now... the only possible solution to end all crisis is to let a empire take over the world. Then everyone will actually unite under one empire


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#22 14 years ago
Dan2004A little late for this poll dude... Try this: Build a time machine, go back to about 1910, and then give this poll. The United States has been involved in Middle East affairs in one way or another since World War One. As for helping Israel... By all means necessary should we back them up.


Wow...thats just wrong.

Before WW1 most of the Middle East was part of the Ottoman Turk Empire. Since the Ottomans were Allied with the Austro-Hungarians and Germans they were on the losing side.

As part of War Reparations The Ottomans were forced to give up most of their Middle East holdings with most going to Britain and France. Britain recieved Palestimne and France recieved Syria. The US received numerous islands in the Pacific from the Germans.

The US did not become a active participant in the Middle East til approximately 1953. Their only major presence before that was during WW2 when the US and Brits established the rail line from Iran into Russia to deliver Lend Lease equipment. The US even supplied two Alco RS-1 diesel locomotives.

The US did not become a major supporter of Isreal til after the 1967 Arab Isreali War. The US was Isreal's major supporter for the 1973 "Yom Kippur War".

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7th November 2005

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#23 14 years ago

I dont hate Israel. Quite the opposite. I root those guys on in whatever little escaped they find themsleves in and i understand where they are coming from. I dont however, support the special priviledge that those parasites seem to get from my country. Its one thing to sell weapons to these guys but we sell hugely expensive weapons platforms to them at cut rate prices (at a loss for us.) and then GIVE them a shiatload of financial aid on top of that. From that you'd expect for Israel to be grateful but its quite the opposite, they are only TOO happy to turn around and sell our weapon technology to anyone willing to pay for it (im looking at you China).

A nation that mercenary isnt worth my unbridled support.

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23rd June 2005

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#24 14 years ago

I am appaled that Israel is getting so much help from the US to kill innocent civillans (Last time I checked, about 300 Lebonese civillans were dead). The 1st step for getting the Middle East to at least tolerate us is put an embargo on Israel. If Israel wants to get cheap weapons they can turn to Russia like all other terrorists (By the way, I support Israels right to defend itself but its actions are disproportanate. Someone takes 2 army men hostage and you respond by killing 300 people and sending a nation back to the stone age. Not cool). How can Israel be praised for its actions when the US would incite riots if it did the same thing? This just doesn't add up.

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16th April 2005

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#25 14 years ago

Did you know Hizbollah offered a prisoner swap before this whole thing happened? That's why they captured the Israeli soldiers in the first place.


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#26 14 years ago

It's a complete joke, the idea of negotiating with terrorists. They said themselves on CNN that they will continue to abduct Isrealis even AFTER this is all over. They had the person who was in charge of the Hezbollah T.V. network and a high level Isreali on it. The Hezbollah guy basically said that they did it before and they will keep on doing it.

And people want to negotiate with them? This planet needs to grow some balls and stop with all of this appeasment stuff. It didn't work in the 1930s, it isn't going to work now. The only possible end for this is to completly destroy all terrorists organizations, or to let them destroy Isreal and them move on to the rest of the west. This is terrorists vs everybody else and until the rest of the world realizes this we are all screwed.