US & UK Vow to Block US Sanctions on Iran 2 replies

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10th November 2006

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#1 1 week ago

Man, this is gonna get messy. So, for those not in the loop; US made a deal with Iran where they stop their nuclear program in exchange for lifting sanctions. That was in the previous administration. Current administration claims - in spite of no evidence backing their claim - that Iran has not upheld their end of the bargain and reinstates sanctions.

The European Union and the United Kingdom are very unhappy with this, and have vowed to make it illegal for European and British companies to abide by the US sanctions. This is a real fucking mess.

The idea is that if you deal with Iran, you're punished with heavy fines by the United States. Obviously, most companies would rather deal with the United States. Now, if you want to comply with these sanctions, you need special permission from the European Commission.

It is essentially a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" deal. I suppose you could say you're stopping trade with Iran not to comply, but for other reasons, but it'll be pretty obvious.

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#2 6 days ago

Looks like the plan is to pretend it didn't happen and hope the next president won't be as crazy. The US can get away with this due to its importance as trade and military partner of the EU.

I don't really trust Iran, but this move was not very clever and makes it much more likely that there will be another war in the mid-east.

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#3 6 days ago

I wrote a post/rant a while back about Trump squandering America's 'soft power'. And here it is, manifesting in reality.

It was only a decade and change ago that the UK and several other countries were following the US wherever it went. Now they're not only disagreeing with them, but actively going against them. Even if they back down later on, it's pretty unprecedented, and probably only the first of many examples.