Vicious, feared attack leaves Pa. inmate comatose 34 replies

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#31 10 years ago
NiteStryker;5389643 I think they are already there...

Nice one. I think they should be tried though. The prisoners were tried in court. It's not up to the guards to single people out and let them be killed.


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#32 10 years ago

Bohemund;5390006That's been my point all along - a corrupt and violent prison system CAUSES the high reoffense rate. Eliminate the sodomy, violence, and corruption... you drastically reduce the reofense rate. [/QUOTE] Im not sure I believe that. If I do something dumb, like sell some Ecstasy, I get locked up for a few weeks to 3 years. If I am getting sodomized in jail, me personally, when I get out, Im not even going to leave my house for fear of doing something wrong and ending up in there again.

Bohemund;5390006 Yet we have the highest prison population in the world. Even North Korea, Iran, and China have lower prison populations than us. And you don't find this peculiar? [/QUOTE] What is peculiar about it? Lots of people breaking the law.

Bohemund;5390006 I'm assuming that was sarcasm... yes, that is a serious issue, isn't it? One mistake and your life is over. [/QUOTE] No no no is vary rarely "one mistake".

In my cases, it is few and far between when we get one guy who screwed up, and then fades to black, never to come on my radar again. Most people are repeat offenders.

Lets look at this thru the eyes of military law. Take a simple UA. 6 hours late. Company NJP. He gets forfeiture of pay for a week, and 14/14. Under your mindset, this is a nice clean punishment. Well, 3 weeks later, punishment is served, and he gets a DUI. Maxed at Battalion NJP. 3 weeks into battalion restriction, he leaves after his last check-in, goes out in town, gets shit-faced and arrested for drunk and disorderly. (I had a case exactly like this).

What do you propose we do with him? Obviously he is not being abused in the punishment system. Yet he keeps offending. What do you do? Now, if a civilian did an equivelent of this (multiple low-level to medium level offenses), what do you do with him?

Bohemund;5390006 And considering what our prisons are like, you might as well just hang yourself... or skip the country.[/QUOTE] Im pretty sure not every prison is like that.

Bohemund;5390006 n my last combat tour in Afghanistan, do you think nobody "fucked up" and killed an innocent person by mistake? If our chain of command didn't back us up, some of us could easily be in prison right now. [/QUOTE] Ok, but that is an honest-to-god mistake. Im talking about actual crimes. (Armed robbery, etc)

Bohemund;5390006 Should an 18 year old kid be getting raped with a broom handle because he sole someone's car stereo? [/QUOTE] YES. Thats the point I am getting at. I work hard, I earn my money, and I go buy something nice like a stereo system. Some little bitch comes along and tries to take it? FUCK NO.

And I havent seen anyone go to prison for stealing a stereo.

Bohemund;5390006France doesn' stone anybody.[/QUOTE] They dont do much of anything.
Bohemund;5390006 I'll head on over to the brig and ask the guards when was the last time they took (and passed) a PFT. From what I'm seeing, quite a few of them need to ease off the donuts a bit.;) [/QUOTE] No argument there.
Bohemund;5390006 My radio operator was njp'd and busted down for beating the snot out of a sergeant. Now he's a green belt instructor, picked up corporal again, is reenlisting, and has been accepted into MARSOC. [/QUOTE] He will get his anal fucking in MARSOC. What did the Sergeant do to get his ass kicked?
Bohemund;5390006 I've seen a number of sources attributing it to him... I've even seen it on gift cards in the PX. But it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't true... a lot of quotes that are commonly accepted aren't true.
You want your mind blown? If you do some research, you will find out the germans never called Marines "devil dogs". Not once ever. [QUOTE=Bohemund;5390006] And now the fat Texan wardens say "I want to fuck you"... with a broom handle.
You are really beating this sodomized-with-a-broom horse to death. [QUOTE=Bohemund;5390006] Yet dozens of people formerly on death row were found out to be innocent.
Well also DNA testing has helped quite a bit. What I dont understand is DNA testing that clears people who have been executed already. [QUOTE=Bohemund;5390006] you seem oblivious to the amount of damage former inmates do after release.

Because I dont believe in "rehabilitation". I think that is a modern-day pussy way of "treatment". Because some people think that a drug addict doesnt know that drugs are bad. So many millions of tax dollars go toward putting hard-drug users in a classroom to get taught the same crap they teach middle-schoolers. Then the drug user goes out and shoots up some diesel that damn night.

I dont see how anybody would reoffend if everyone in prison was truly getting raped on a daily basis.

[QUOTE=Bohemund;5390006] You could put Buddha in our prison system and he'd come out a hardened criminal.

Why would getting raped in the ass lead you to want to go commit more crimes to get you raped in the ass again? [QUOTE=Bohemund;5390006] Right. A 15-year old steals a pack of cd's he should be dropped in the middle of the ocean. Great idea.

Well, whose CD's? If its Justin Beiber the 15 year old will be shot right there.

[QUOTE=Bohemund;5390006] In reality, he spend time in juvenile hall, where he's beaten up and sexually assaulted.

I dont know who has gone to juvenile hall for stealing CD's. [QUOTE=Bohemund;5390006] Incarceration in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ah ok, I'll go edit that right now. :rolleyes: [QUOTE=Bohemund;5390006] So basically, we are taking normal, nonviolent people and exosing them to a brutal system of gang violence, rape, and corruption. Then we act surprised when these people become violent criminals themselves.
Whats your solution then? [QUOTE=Bohemund;5390006] You're completely missing his point. You are so confident that you will never end up in prison. Yet if you ever do, you might eat your words.

I know I wont. Life is too short to spend time in a cage.

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#33 10 years ago

To some people living a boring life outside of prison is worse than whatever you can do to them inside prison. If I was looking at the prospect of having to work in a normal office environment in this country after I left uni you can be damn sure I'd be talking to some of my more interesting friends right now about getting in on some of the less well sanctioned routes to money and fun. So I assume the same holds true for others.

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#34 10 years ago
What did the Sergeant do to get his ass kicked?

Was a world class douche-bag. Got what he had coming to him.

Ah ok, I'll go edit that right now.

Are you denying the factuality of the statistic?

Whats your solution then?

Hold the guards accountable for their actions, enforce tougher policies against violent and sexual behavior in prisons.

Why would getting raped in the ass lead you to want to go commit more crimes to get you raped in the ass again?

Why is this so difficult to understand? You acclamate with a criminal culture, you get accepted into a gang, you pump iron all day... you are going to come out with a criminal. It's basic sociology.

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#35 10 years ago
jackripped;5389701Well excuse me, but what a fucked way of looking at it Mr Matt. To produce porn of children, is just as bad as doing it, because those producing it know of the torchure children are going through to make these sick motherfucker videos, these people witness child abuse daily and do nothing, they are every bit as bad as the child rapist. To defend them shows a lack of understanding of the subject, and l suspect you have no children. Oh and you cannot re-habilitate a pedofile, thats just a fucken BAD joke. Any of you ever lost you sex drive for life without drugs ? They fancy what they fancy, that wont change, what must change is the special treatment these fuckbags get.They are the worst scumbags in our society, the only jerkoffs worthy of the death penalty...... But the guy taking the photo's of the raped 11 year old girl has no moral, or legal issues does he Mr Matt ? ppfftt...... Or the guy who takes the photo and re-distributes it by the million, and encorages more child abuse, he's not responsible either is he ? And they dont know the harm they cause either do they ? ppffttt. My personal view on this subject is those that defend pedofiles are either one themselves, or at the very least have some very sick thoughts go through there head to somehow justify the huge moral injustice, or they just have no feelings and no morals, l think we have judges in high places that are pedofiles, sad as that is, with some of the sentences you cannot conclude otherwise. The child porn producer is just as bad as the child abuse offender.

Excellent debate tactic there, Jack - anybody that disagrees with your singular view of things, must be a sex offender themselves.

I said that the pornographer didn't deserve the same severe treatment as the actually rapist. I didn't say they were innocent of any moral or legal crime and should receive no punishment at all.

Learn to read, write and comprehend, then come back when you're older. Because from your style of social interaction I very much doubt you're old enough to drink, let alone have children of your own. And if you are, god help us all.