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11th February 2003

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#261 15 years ago

Japan against Iran? You DO know Japan dosent have an army suitable for invasion, and they certanily dont have the air craft or tanks or logistics to support it..or the numbers. looks how small japan is compared to Iran. they would also need to be able to navigate throught the parts of the desert or mountain.


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2nd September 2004

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#262 15 years ago

I find it funny how many people think Japan is a military superpower because of the "technologies". Japan's army is merely a defence force, equiped with mostly foreing equipement (very few completely indigenous designs). The military industry in Japan is almost un-existant, and while they might be very advanced, transforming cars, consoles and cedll phones into weapons is not easy. It takes years to create powerfull weapons, and it takes even more years to produce them. Look at China, they are perhaps the biggest industrial superpower right now, and are quite advanced in technology. But even if they researched modern weapon designs since 20 years, they are only barely beginning to produce them, and are still buying stuff from Russia and other countries. If you want Japan to be a military superpower, they have to one of two things :

1. Buy tons upon tons of foreign equipment, US and European and train a large army. This is easy enough, but most countries with money can do that.

2. Use Japanese technologies and expertise. Invest massively for 10 years, build these new weapons (10 years, with luck), train an army. THis is much more costly, but the result might eventually be better (or much worse).