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24th March 2005

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#41 15 years ago
'[11PzG USMA2010']If it was, gasoline prices would not be at an alltime high, and we would not be so far in the red. Think about that guys...

No the prices of gas wouldn't necesserily at all be lower even if the war was about oil. Bush have talked with the Saudi's about producing more crudeoil to the market yet they admit that that will not affect the gasprice one bit. If you don't refine the oil you get no gas and with no increment of gas the prices won't fall. They won't refine any more oil becuase they "don't have the capacity to" they claim, eventhough i think it's about something diffrent to ability that is lacking.


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3rd April 2005

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#42 15 years ago

It is because if he didnt invade someone, all the presidents would larf at him.

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8th July 2002

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#43 15 years ago
Artie BuccoWhat do you expect the insurgents to do? Fight in the open against the US? Guerillas/insurgents don't do that they are going to use the only advantage they have against the US and that is mingling amongst the local populus.

If everyone will recall, the American Colonialists used similar tacticts against the British. The Free French used similar tactics against the Germans, as did the Greeks. When the Soviets invaded Afganistan, they fought back with guerilla tactics. War is war, regardless of how it is fought. There is no kind way to kill, no gentle way to destroy.

Face it, the US is in a quagmire that will slowly but surely cost the country billions and possibly trillions not to mention the thousands of both Iraqi and American lives it will cost.
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7th April 2004

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#44 15 years ago

The one thing I have to say, is that weve already spent over a trillion dollars in Iraq, or things that were closley related to Iraq.

300 Billion for the war is ok, but 284 billion over a six-year period for mass transit and safty programs is "too much".

Add that this is just like Reagan, you know, the guy that had a hand in screwing our economy though Gorbecheuv was going to be the end of Communism anyway.


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23rd February 2005

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#45 15 years ago

whats funny is all the pro bush people dont have ANY facts to back them up.