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17th January 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Yod@ just deleted my thread about that ugly topic because it had 2 links, whateverr he thought they were pornographic but they aren't! I would never post something like that.. Now I have to write it all again.. I just found through another forum a site that shows thousands of pictures of young boys photographs where they got photographed without knowing that, many in open-air baths and also other places where they don't wear much. The site is run by some gay people and they are probalby not only that. By most picutres is also text where these pieces of shit write how cute and gorgeous and/or sexy the boy on the picture, but mostly this boy is about 8 years old !!!!!! These fucking bastards should get tortured and then burn in hell:mad: On the forum where I found that link they said that they called the local autorities but they couldn't do anything about it because there aren't pornographic pictures in it. HOW THE FUCK CAN SOMETHING LIKE THAT BE LEGAL ??!!!! You or better your childreen have to worry that they get photographed by these pieces of shit and be spread over the internet by people that do the same thing when looking at these pictures when u watch a porno. This just can't be legal!! How can it be that the police couldn't do something against it??!! I can't explain it myself but if I would see me getting photographed or later my childreen by such crap I would kill these pieces of shit with my bare hands :mad: I just can't and don't understand how something like that can be legal :( it really makes me sad for all the photographed boys :( Just can't understand how something like that can be allowed, say it's my age but I can think already mature enough to know that people like that should get in jail for lifetime or get on the chair... I hope one can explain me why that is legal

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7th March 2003

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#2 13 years ago

if you have an issue with a moderator, please contact him in private and see if you can't work it out amicably.

thanks you :)