what makes you feel good? 35 replies

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26th May 2003

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#31 14 years ago

But poking 'er can lead to orgasms, yes?


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30th April 2004

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#32 14 years ago

This is kinda lame, oh well... Being one of the first people to get into a Panther, Sherman Firefly, or M36 on a Forgotten Hope map. Then taking one of those armored fighting vehicles onto the battlefield, and killing a good number of enemy armor using as little ammo as possible, and then being able to return to your main base with as little damage as possible to rearm and repair you tank before going out again. Oh, and seeing that Nesh posted another one of his "Rusia is betar tahn yu" type posts, and then going through and prooving every single one of his "facts" to be incorrect. Ah, and getting reputation.

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28th July 2002

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#33 14 years ago

eating pie makes me feel good

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26th June 2004

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#34 14 years ago

Many things make me feel damn good. 1. Night Walks - Walking during the day is relaxing, but not clearifying for my mind, I love walking at night. Like last time I went to watch the school football game, I walked about six blocks in the opposite direction with a friend to his car instead of mine and talked with him, and once he got to his car, I kept going and took an hour walk around the dead part of town.

2. Work - I love work, it makes me feel really good about myself as I do a good job and people tend to appreciate me for it there.

3. Helping people in any way [mostly academically] - I just got back from spending two hours at the park with Bill and Lauren [friends of mine] and we were helping each other through some massive honors geometry problems (we got through one and a half problems in two hours, that was rough), but that probably makes me feel the best of anything in the world :nodding:


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#35 14 years ago
moab_there_buttjust woundering is all... tell me. what is the one thing in the world that makes you feel damn good about your self. or at least makes you feel relaxed. or less tensed about things going on around you. it could be like your favorite person to be around, your favorite hang out, maybe its an activity you enjoy doing :) what ever it may be tell me. what keeps you in the cool??? for me... i turn on the comp and blast some loude tunes :) it eases me so... i mostly listen to country and moddern music with ocational rap and rock. :)

owning people in cs 1.6, 4 headshots in a round really gets me going, the micro is insane. play PAINKILLER. so much action i almost wet my pants once, i had to hit esc and run to bathroom (no bs). what calms me down? playing my calssical guitar, always does the trick. my acoustic works too. anything musical, programing in VB is cool too.


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8th July 2004

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#36 14 years ago

I like playing computer games...I like spending time with my family, most of the time. I like fishing, reading a good book, i,e, "Shooter" hmm...playing games online with buds that you've known for a long time...camping... oh yeah, and shooting. :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: That's the best of all. coolx.gif