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#11 9 years ago

I would actually have to agree with the above two statements. I simply don't think teenagers know themselves enough to be engaging in that sort of activity. And with the way sex education is in this country, or rather the lack of it, is part of the problem.

People are trying to hard to cover up sex, at least over here in the states, and the Christian right is doing their best to ensure that teens are taught that the only way to never get disease or pregnant is to be abstinent; to say nothing of the repressive propaganda spread by them. As a result, these teenagers are uneducated about safe sex, and those that do have sex (because, let's be honest, teens are some of the horniest creatures on the planet) end up with unwanted pregnancies.

I remember a while ago, this physician, I forget her name, said that masturbation is something she recommends for all teens who are growing into adult-hood =p

"I'd shush her zephyr." ~ Zephyr.

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