Which branch of the military should I join? 252 replies

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#251 15 years ago
Dobry wiecz├│r*cough* http://sill-www.army.mil/usmc/ *cough*

Ah you never specified that they artillery-trained with eachother, you just said the Army traines the Marines, so thats why I said what I said. You are right with arty but you didnt specify earlier.

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#252 15 years ago

dude u know u get a exam to test your iq then they break it down into if u can be in the navy or the marines or whatever. ur options just might be none of the above on the vote list.u cant have bad body.u cant have dui u cant be arrested etc on ur record.so u might only be able to go into coast guards or whatever.So here is a tip u cant be stupid if ur gonna join,and u cant have a criminal background.P.S. charlie comes in fast.its not like a video game.

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#253 15 years ago

Ah, so the Armed Forces lie to us, with their Full Spectrum Warrior and America's Army!