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16th April 2005

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#41 11 years ago
Chemix2;39484701,200,000 dead? Try 60,000, perhaps 1,000 refugees, versus (under Saddam's rein) 270,000 people tortured to death, Iraqis alone, not counting the kurds or kuwaits, not counting the deaths of innocents he funded by paying the families of suicide bombers in Palestine for their "lost loved ones" sacrifice towards killing random innocent Israelis

No, your numbers are off as well. The Iraqi Body Count says 74,000 to 80,000. The Health Ministry says about the same. The Lancet study* said 650,000 excess deaths, including half a million death certificates that were never issued.

Refugees to Syria and Jordan number around 2 Million, while internally displaced Iraqis are estimated to be about the same, another 2 million. The UAE, Saudi, and other countries probably have tens, if not hundreds of thousands more as well. (See Al Jazeera English - News - Un To Increase Iraq Refugee Support It's 6 months old )

The figures for Saddam Hussein's regime seem about right, though the issue of the Kurds is not so clear cut. There happened to be a uprising/civil war at the time. Hajabla was definitely a war crime, but it's closer to My Lai than to Auswitchz.

*The Lancet Studies include projections and estimates, whereas the Health Ministry and IBC rely on reported deaths.

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22nd March 2005

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#42 11 years ago

Chemix2;3951794I'd rather be red mist than fed into a meat grinder, I'd rather be randomly shot than have by feet whipped till they are piles of flesh and I die from blood loss or infect, I'd rather die a quick random death than face a sure and forewarned death that is slow and painful.

The number totals at 270,000 including the family members.

Saddam was also funding attacks on Israel, our ally, so that being done away was good, until HAMAS took power in Palestine...

The point they are trying to make is that of course you'd rather die via a obliterating blast, but you're tens of times more likely to die now (if you are an Iraqi) than if you were an Iraqi under Saddam.


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19th April 2005

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#43 11 years ago

Oh wow, that's so sad. :(

The media doesn't report it, though, because of the selfishness of people in general. They tend to reporting things that cause fear or angry reactions, rather than senses of compassion. Why do you think headlines sound the way they do? "Gunshots Fired at Local Convenience Store" --but no one was hurt. "Researches have found that a popular fad diet can kill you. Tune in at 7 for the full report." etc.

It's all about ratings.


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16th March 2005

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#44 11 years ago
Crazy Wolf;3952812The point they are trying to make is that of course you'd rather die via a obliterating blast, but you're tens of times more likely to die now (if you are an Iraqi) than if you were an Iraqi under Saddam.

Perhaps people are dying more often, but I doubt that the numbers will add up to a near Saddam estimate for a good long while, and at least those deaths would be relatively painless in comparison. If you'd look into that link I posted, "Iraqi Multinational Forces" or something, it talks a lot about the good and bad going on over there, some of the strangely peaceful areas may offset your mental picture of a chaotic Iraq by an inch or two.


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4th January 2006

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#45 11 years ago

Thats sorry is sad (boo hoo sad). Really nice officer.


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2nd April 2003

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#46 11 years ago
rebornintheglory;3951545Good question, Raptor. What would the people that live in Iraq prefer, do you all think? Having to keep their heads or their family members heads down, because there was a chance that they might be abducted, tortured and killed, or having to keep their heads down, their children inside and their non-existent bomb shelters open because there is a nigh certainty that one of their family, or even several of them will be raped, shot, stabbed, shrapnelled or 'turned into red mist'?

Well…. I just wish we could all go back in time.

For most of you who would say; “I wish those fuc*ing Americans would stay home and let us fight our own fight”, I can only say we probably should have for your sake, and ungrateful souls.

But then the US would hear most of the World whining, “Why don’t you help us, or them”.

Why shouldn’t the US just say fu*k u “we don’t owe you a thing… http://h1.ripway.com/Trojan_Ripper/TrojanGetOverIt.mp3 (Open)... eh, uhh, right?

Any anti-US-bullshit makes pounding out a stupid statement on a keyboard seem like you did it with your toes!