WW3, who would be involved? 121 replies

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13th February 2004

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#121 16 years ago

amoreelitesoldier, you are the epitome of "conservative redneck gun-touting Republican." There are two types of extreme Republicans (and I know this is a stereotype, but it more or less holds true): those who worship the Bible and those who worship guns. You are the latter. Who says there can't be world peace? You. And why? Is it because you are so wreckless that you crave war so you can show off how much "more elite" you are? "War is cool!" No it's not. Sit down, macho-man. People like you make me sick. And yes, you are stupid. If France sucks, then you suck even more. cya.gif

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19th January 2004

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#122 16 years ago