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#31 15 years ago

How petty. Can't think of a real slam so you make fun of the way Bush handled things an hour when the attacks begin. Don't know if any of you remember this, but Bush undoubtfully led one of the best attacks against terrorism we have ever seen, up until Iraq. Do you even realize what he did to the Taliban and Al Queida? So we haven't caught Osama yet. He could be dead for all we know, but we don't. We still destroyed Al Queida to the point where they are not nearly as big a threat as they were before 9/11.

Oh and 40 minutes is way to excessive. I would give Johnny boy 20 minutes at the most, but 40? No. That won't cut it.

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#32 15 years ago
ZabTo abstain from voting won't get rid of the problem that is Bush.[/QUOTE] I just think that Kerry will bring just as many problems as Bush, so there would be little point choosing one over the other. [quote=Breslin] Exactly, have your say because people faught and died so that you can vote.

People fought and died so that I could vote, and so that I could choose not to vote. I won't blindly pick one over the other if I think they're both as bad as each other. What do you want me to do? Cover my eyes, spin around and point at one of their posters? Don't be naive, that's the sort of thing an idiot would do, someone like my sister. In Britain, you rarely have this problem, as there's always another option. But out of those two, I pick neither.

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#33 15 years ago
Mr. MattIf I was a US citizen, I would just abstain from voting.

They do actually have more than two parties, it's just nobody votes for them much.


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#34 15 years ago
Big {Daddy}They do actually have more than two parties, it's just nobody votes for them much.

actually, the libertarian party is more on a local level than a national one, but if you look back to 2000, Nader helped Kerry lose, and that might happen again this year, if Nader can get enough sigs on his petition to be put on the ballot.