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#71 11 years ago
TodtheWraith;4945824 True but if someone is 'good' at it why not allow them the opportunity??

Because thats not the way our government was intended to run. If you wanted to make provisions of a 20 year limit and if they ask the public for an extention, we could say yes.

But really, I wouldnt want any further into mexico than we already have. We took the good shit (San Diego).


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#72 11 years ago

You make a few good points but most of them are completely stupid. You need money to the majority of your reforms that the U.S. doesn't have and the others would cause riots revolutions and general chaos in the streets. You can't expect to come into the most opinionated and heavily armed country declare yourself leader and oppress peoples rights and expect every thing to go off well. You would probably be overthrown within a week and failing that countries like China would take the opportunity to take over. Face you try this shit millions die including you and nothing except the fall of liberty is accomplished.