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22nd March 2005

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#51 12 years ago

Just curious, has anyone heard "Like A Rolling Stone"?

I think shelters need to be easily acessible, but everyone who lives in one must either attend job training courses or be working. It actually could end up saving the government money, if they operate the shelters, and get labor for the cost of food, clothing, shelter, and medical attention (possibly plus minimum wage), instead of relying on private contractors.

Mental hospitals need to be improved, and free/cheap, as a decent amount of homeless people are, well, not-so-well-adjusted.

Basically, I feel that governments should provide food clothing, shelter, and medical attention to all citizens, that's the minimum they promise criminals.


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#52 12 years ago
Crazy Wolf;3283934Just curious, has anyone heard "Like A Rolling Stone"?

Do you mean "Like a stone"? If so thats an Audioslave song. :)


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11th February 2003

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#53 12 years ago

Alot of times it isnt thier faults IMO, some could've been born into poverty, some couldve been screwed, or taken advantage of by his girl friend(no offense females have too much rights when divorcing) If they have a GED or high school and almsot no offense they can prolly start by joinning thier state's national guard. get an education, save up some money then move on with life, some of them are lazy though nothing can be done about it.

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17th November 2003

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#54 12 years ago

My opinion on homeless people straight up is that they do not bother me unless they start to harass me on the street for many to feed their booze habit cause I don't take too kindly to that. For some it is not their fault but what can I personally do about it. Yes it is unfortunate that they are in that position and I am not but that is the luck of the draw. For those can do something about it, try for a job that no one else likes. Yes, everyone will have the attitude that 'im too good for the job' but it is a start.