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17th October 2005

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#1 12 years ago

Hi everyone, I am new to this website and joined for the soul reason as to make this request. I know many of you own (or at least played) The sims for the PS2. I am currently making a custom neighborhood full of all the houses you visit in that game. I made the custom skins in bodyshop, and I built the houses. The only thing that I dont like about my neighborhood is the fact that there are no classic Sims PS2 objects! If this is even possible, i'd much appreciate it if someone who has a lot of skills could either remake the items from scratch, or rip them from a CD somehow. I am not sure about the process, but would be verry happy to see it happen. It will be a hard thing to do i'm assuming, since the format is different with a PC than a PS2, but I think (or at least fantasize) this as being a possibility. Worst case scenario, someone will have to mesh out remakes of the objects. If anyone can do this for me, kudos to them! I'll post and share my neighborhood full of sims PS2 houses ASAP once i'm done. Thanks a lot if anyone can help! :)