When JJ Entertainment Networks is making $1 million per week -1 reply

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#81 16 years ago

Oh, your right, I am wrong. For Elite Force there was a mapper by the name of James Nukem who created a very popular series of maps whom I believe to be one of the best mappers out there.

I forgot that he was James Nukem, and not Nukem.


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#82 16 years ago

lol ensign

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#83 15 years ago

So is JJ Networks making $1 Million a week yet? I've had all my LAN gear ready for two years :(

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#84 15 years ago

Way to bump the damn thread..... DAMN.....

Since writing JJ Entertainment Networks ceased and now makes a grand total of 0.

FileFront probably make a nice ammount but they aren't going to share it with you :) But i doubt its $1 Million a week.

Since the writing of this thread i have managed to grow a prize sized turnip in my garden. Photo's of this will be provided on request.

Oh and, my friend locky was invented. Here he is look....


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