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12th January 2007

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#21 15 years ago

Nope, no help yet. :( I think it MAY be my game card. I saw the requirement was a 32 mg chip or something.. i have a laptop and it's small i think, like 5. The game runs on my parents comp., but v. minimal. The graphics are VERY pixilated and it crashes a lot. But a lot of good that does me, cause I can't use their comp that much. i miss the sims :(


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4th April 2007

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#22 15 years ago
TrebuTaI can load the game. But when I want to load the standard neighbourhood the game just stops in the loading screen. I hear the music etc play and I can see the mouse button change but it stays in the loading screen...:( Please help me!!! :(

i get this same problem :uhm: , my specs are xp home edition GeForce FX 5200, 512MB ram, pentium 4 2.6 ghz. anyone know what i could do?


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12th April 2007

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#23 15 years ago

This thread is for people that cant play sims 2. Someone has GOT to find out how to fix the NOT build problem.

We know it is the game crack problem. If your graphics work fine, and you make it past the Sims 2 Logo Screen, then this thread is not for you. This is for all us honest hard working people that just made "legal" copies of the game, and cant build...;) If I find out anything, I will keep you all updated. We will fix this TODAY (Monday 9-27), I already have a case of the Monday's and need my Sims 2 Fix when i get home from work. READY...BREAK!

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8th May 2002

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#24 15 years ago

Hyena7 This is for all us honest hard working people that just made "legal" copies of the game, and cant build...;)[/QUOTE]

Why would you make a 'copy' of the game if you 'legally' own it?



Indeed it seem's YOU are the noob.

CyruisTn00bSTFU noob, how do you know you cant talk about cracks here. Cracks or "game fixes" are used to make a backup copy or make a game work that wont work because the cd is fooked like this one. WTF, and also you seem to know your info on this cd crack shit since you know so much about the sims 2 cd crack. Get a life and get outa here.

If your game doesn't work bring it back to the store. No way in hell would I purchase a game, and then have the company tell me 'you have to get a crack if you wish to play it'. I would send it back and get my money back. Also, a crack is not a game fix. Danm, your a n00b. Don't go telling members of this forum to get outa here either you damn n00bie!!

Closed. DO NOT open another thread relating to a crack for the game. A 'Game Fix' is called a 'patch', not a 'Crack'!

For the one's that cannot build:

[quote=CyrisTn00b]you need to get a cd crack, it seems that loading the game with the disk is most of the problem.

When you use the no cd crack, you cannot build. Use the CD YOU BOUGHT, and it will work fine.