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#1 11 years ago

I have been playing sims games since the very early days and absolutely love the sims 3. It has been such a refreshing change up from the combat heavy MMORPGs I've been playing lately. My family is already on it's third generation and i havne't been playing a month so it's safe to say i've been playing a lot.

Over the weekend I constructed a good size house on a 60x60 lot. I seem to now be having a much higher occurrence of error code 12 and lock ups during saving. Immediately I started doing research but finding no consistency in solutions to the problem but I tried a few of the more promising ones I found like running in compatibility mode as admin. Hoping that solved it i proceeded to decorate my new house saving constantly every time I finished a chunk of work. I still seemed to have saving errors but not in a consistent pattern that repeated every time. At one point i had just added a bunch of lites so itried deleting them no help to be had from that. I returned to my game and let some time go by and still got error code 12. Thankfully i finished most of the decoration and moved my family in last night. I would really love some helop resolving this issue especially if it is going to persist intermittently every night.

I am playing mainly on my desktop which runs windows 7 home 64 in compatibility mode for xp pro sp 3. I have WA and HELS as wel las EA freebies but no custom content of any kind aside from one house i dloaded but isj ust sitting in my library it's not placed as it's massive. My machine is AMD based quad core rpcessor with 4 gigs of ram and an ATI Radeon card i';ll post the exact model later if needed i have to look it up. Please let me know any further tech details thagt would be helpful. This is a brand spanking new machine so it's not heavily customized like my laptop.

I thank the community for any help and apologize for any typos I missed I need my second cup of coffe and I'm on my laptop keyboard at the moment. This message was edited 1 time. Last update was at 03/30/10 12:06 PM