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#1 13 years ago


I've been playing the Sims Deluxe game & decided to install some expansion packs to make it more fun. I tried to install house party & vacation but I've had trouble trying to complete the installation.

Once I've loaded say, the vacation CD it says for me to put in Disc 1 (I assume its trying to update the data onto the original game cd sims deluxe) so I put it in then it says its 100%. Then when I put in Disc 2 it says something like: "wrong disc, please insert the correct disc." So, I double check & I have the correct disc they ask of me but then it doesn't seem to register that its the right disc.:confused: This happened when I tried to install the house party expansion disc too! The second part of the installation keeps stuffing up for some reason. Then eventually, it says I can install the rest of it later?

I've decided not to touch it for awhile because I don't want to stuff it up further. I have plenty of space on my comp (as I have a comp. pretty much dedicated to the Sims game), when I don't have any expansion packs installed both Disc 1 & Disc 2 work fine. So what could the problem be???? I bought 5 expansion packs & now I can't have any fun on them - really annoyed.:mad: If anyone could offer some suggestions or ideas it would really make my day!!! :)


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#2 13 years ago

Well as Iam sure you know, you should run scans and cleaners to try to solve this, like registry type cleaners, most likly its alll junked up from one thing or another, so give that atry, you can find some free reg cleaners just by searching google..