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#1 10 years ago

Hi All,

Please help :) I'm not wonderfully technically minded, so sorry if this is jibberish, but after I've installed my Sims2 copy onto my laptop it just won't play. I get the little cartoon, and it goes to the first loading screen, but doesn't start to load, I just get the crashed 'dink' sound and what appears to be one of those grey boxes (when I put my mouse over the centre of the screen it goes to a windows pointing arrow, not the usual Sims pointer, can't actually see the box itself though, nor the message on it), and then I have to windows button out of Sims and right click close it. The music keeps playing (albeit on a smaller loop) and I can still move my mouse, so it's not completely locking up.

I've installed it about 4 times now, uninstalling properly between times, and updated my Video card/sound card drivers, downloaded the Sims2 patch, have the offical store brought DVD copy of The Sims 2, have bags of Memory/HDD space on my laptop and all the other requirements. The only thing that isn't 100% as on the box is my graphics card is an ATI Radeon X1250, which isn't one of the listed cards, but I have a 2GHz processor and over 90GB of HDD free space left. Am I doomed with this graphics card, or is there some way I can turn the settings down and then being able to play? It was locking my laptop up completely, then I downloaded the new drivers and defraged etc, so it's improving, just need that last step now :D

Oh, the disk works fine on my PC btw, so it does work, just not on my laptop (and I want it to, sob sob).

Many thanks in advance Pixie girl :)


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#2 10 years ago

What OS are you using?


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#3 10 years ago

Windows XP