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#1 16 years ago

I bought this game about a week ago and have been trying to get the thing to work since. When I first installed it, I was running 2000 Pro with the latest Gainward drivers for my card (Gainward Nvidia GeForce 4 ti4200), v42.30. It would get to the live mode then after a few minutes of playing, it would just flip to a white screen with colored pixels all over it for a while, flash a few times, then reboot. Since then I have formatted and upgraded to XP Pro, tried it with the same drivers--same thing happens. Then I went to the Nvidia site and got the latest drivers there v66.93. Now I get Directx problems, in the diagnostics, the Directx 7 shows a black screen. When I play Sims 2 with these drivers, colors are missing on some objects and after a few minutes of play, I get a blue screen instead of the white pixels. It says error with Nvdisp.dll or something of the like. So I am just getting very annoyed at this. I just hope when they release the patch, this problem will be solved, but it seems more of a Directx problem with this newest driver. Does anyone else have this problem? System is: AMD T-bird 900 Gainward Nvidia Gefore 4 Ti 4200 128mb 512mb RAM ASUS K7V-T Motherboard I feel pretty much :0wned: