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#1 14 years ago

I just started this game and at a certain point, the game will always freeze on me (must restart to fix). After the first time it froze, I replayed several times in order to pinpoint the in game cause of it. It clearly is occuring when theres lots of smiley faces that appear (between two sims?), and another blue icon of some sort above the sims head (freezes before I can tell what it is exactly) beginning to appear when it freezes. I haven't had any luck searching online for help with this description (sorry, I know it's rather vague). I believe this is possibly when the sims character achieve the full platinum/white bar? Anyhow..

My system meets the requirements for the game and I've tried the EA suggested updates/fixes. If anyone else has any idea, I'd greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks.



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#2 14 years ago

Try to run a registry cleaner, thats my first advice to all people lol, check your background tasks, if theres to many running the sims 2 at times wont play right. Try to free up some RAM, sims games just love ram...


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#3 14 years ago

Thanks for the tip. I had tried terminating everything I could from task manager already, but I'll definately take a look into my registry.. if I can get my comp to start again.. -_-o I was just playing, thinking it would be ok as long as I avoid having two sims getting too close. I threw my first house party which happened to suck, and caused one of my sims mood meter to fall too low. Instead of the blue icon I described earlier, I got a red one and it continued to freeze the game and my comp in the same way. When I restarted this time though, my comp wouldn't boot at all.... :mad: