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#1 16 years ago

Well, I've found a very frustrating bug. It goes a little bit like this: After my two sims changed into teenagers, I thought to myself, when my sims needed their fun up; Why can't they watch the big widescreen tv I bought for them anymore? Everytime I clicked 'watch' theyd go and try sitting on the couch. Theyd fail, half way through the animation messes up and they are forced to stand again. Turns out it was nothing to do with the Tv, it was the couch/settie/sofa. Ofcourse you are probably thinking, simple soloution.. Sell it? Well yeah, I've tried that numerous times, believe me.. I just can't. I get the Can't sell item in use or something message hovering over the cough/settie/sofa when ever I try to sell it. Seeing as this is only my second lot in The Sims 2, I have a small house, I cannot at all get rid of this item, and now my Living Room is cramped. Can anybody help me and find somesort of soloution to my problem? Thanks.


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#2 16 years ago

Try pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C (to get the cheat window) then type "moveobjects on" (without the quotes) & im pretty confident it will move for you ;).