the sims double deluxe installation problem -- PLEASE HELP!! asap -1 reply

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23rd May 2004

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#1 16 years ago

:help:help!!:help: last night i was trying to install the sims double deluxe and it simply would not work. i have windows xp and plenty of free memory. i closed all programs. when in inserted the first cd, the autorun program did not pop up. i followed the instructions (clicked run, then typed "d:/start.exe" in) and still, nothing happened. it sounded like it was reading the cd, but nothing ever popped up. so i clicked 'browse', then went to the sims 'setup'-- the sims logo screen popped up and it looked as if something were loading, then it said something like 'problem closing autorun application-- restart computer.' i did this about fifty times. nothing ever worked. i didn't have any previous editions of the sims installed on my computer, so it couldn't be that. is the game defective, is something wrong with my computer, or did i do something wrong? my boyfriend got frustrated and returned the game to the store, which did not make me very happy, and i'm hoping if i can figure out what went wrong i can go re-purchase it. because i had my hopes up. :cry: please help!!! thank you. :help:


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17th April 2004

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#2 16 years ago

I never had that problem, it sounds like it could have been the game itself or your computer had or didn't have something that the game liked.

You did however not clear the crap running in the background while trying to load the game up. Those do and have caused problems with people uploading games, you might want to try closeing down the programs that aren't vital to making your computer run and then closing or just disabling your virus protection program.