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#1 16 years ago

I'm having a problem in one of my households with the headmaster. I've played long enough to know how to get the headmaster to let the kids into private school, so that's not why he's leaving. He won't even let anyone greet him before I ge the message the the family is not good enough for the "fine institution." I've tried 3 unsuccessful times. And all I keep getting is an unhappy memory marker. Any suggestions?:confused:


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#2 16 years ago

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#3 16 years ago

[color=Red]Regarding the headmaster leaving instantly:[/color] I was having the same exact problem - I did a websearch and found that the reason he leaves is because of a bug. (Not a literal one crawling on the ground), rather, if you save the game between the time you CALL him and the time he ARRIVES, it will give you the message to the effect of "he doesn't think your family is worthy of private school". To get around this - and it worked for me - do this: Invite the headmaster over around 2PM - 3PM, he'll arrive instantly at 5PM. You don't have to wait for the next day to roll around....he'll arrive TODAY if you call him about that time... (Don't save between the time you call him and he arrives). I personally dressed everyone, including the children in formalwear. I had a buffet and filled it up. I "schmoozed" with him. The tour is always difficult for me, he's never impressed. I had a computer, bookcase, etc. SCHMOOZE as much as you can. Have the kids "entertain" by calling him to dinner. The buffet idea is easiest. I managed to get my score to be 102 out of 90 pts! (And one of my Sim characters) had a low aspiration score and was panhandling for money in the street, and I still managed to get a good score. You should too.... It works! Good luck - enjoy this fun game! God knows I play it too much! smilie.gif (P.S. this is my first post on this website, I thought I'd reply since no one else did!)