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#1 13 years ago

[color=darkorange]Join The Teen Studios crew for tonight’s midnight premiere of the Teen Kicks series.[/color]

[color=darkorange]Be one of the first to see the first episode of Teen Kicks entitled My Lips are Sealed.[/color]

[color=darkorange]We will be opening a special forum for the event. Details of the forum and the event can be obtained by e-mailing [/color][email="teenkicks@hotmail.co.uk"][color=darkorange]teenkicks@hotmail.co.uk[/color][/email][color=darkorange]. Also check out the website at [/color][color=darkorange]www.teenkicks.co.nr[/color][color=darkorange] You can see a sneak preview of the series by going to: [/color][color=darkorange]http://media.putfile.com/advertismen-4-teenkicks2[/color][color=darkorange] [/color]

[color=darkorange]Hope to see you at the premiere![/color]


[color=darkorange]The Teen Studios Crew[/color]