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17th September 2005

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gjxf9dw.jpg What are we? The 21.Panzer Division is a Forgotten Hope clan that plays the German team. What we do? Play Forgotten Hope as often as possible, usually 7 days a week. Who are we? We are just a bunch of normal FH gamers from all over the world. What we will NOT do? Play in leagues, play Japanese maps, act totally silly, show racial prejudice, act deceitful or dishonest towards our allies, use cheats or hacks. Who we need: Normal Forgotten Hope gamers jus like you, that wish to play FH as the German team. Our characteristics: #1. Loyalty. #2. Teamwork. #3. Fun. #4. Normalcy. #5. Skill. What separates us from other clans? We are very coordinated, communicative and use teamwork intensely in battles. We also value the historical aspect of the German WWII reenactment in FH. We operated predominately in a "battalion." How do members get rank? We have a superb historical rank advancement method, the result of hundreds of hours of research. There are zero politics towards a member’s rank advancement. Your advancement will be percentage based. Why should you join this clan (or any other)? Straight up comrade, it’s little fun playing by your self. You will probably make some good gaming acquaintances in the 21.Pz, if not some outright friends too. How do we play FH? We play in "Battalions."Playing in a battalion simply means that you choose a usual pack and any machinery or equipment that comes with your battalion. These battalions are about as historical as possible. Check out the battalion options below. 21.Panzer Battalions: What are they? Teamwork Action PANZER