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I wrote this. It's a bit late, but that's better then never eh?

Check it out:

 “The Haunted Mansion”

His eyes stared at the figure, as it came closer and closer to him, floating just above the ground. His ghostliness was evident, due to his white hue. He gave the man an evil glare of disdain, as if objecting to the fact that he is occupying the same room with this man. He floated closer, and picked him up, and froze his right hand just to show how annoyed he was. He threw the man to the floor, and then spoke, in a raspy, cold voice, “Why are you here?” The man was shivering by now, as if all heat and warmth his body generated was extinguished by some force beyond his control! “I....I....I’m here for the tr...tr...treasure of Ahk-Man-Ra.” He said, as bravely as he could, through the cold the was spreading through his arm, as his teeth were chattering. “An adequate answer at best” The figure said with a touch of annoyance to his voice. “And do you know why you have been halted in your tracks? Every man who was brave enough to come in here and go after the treasure, followed the path of the original hunters, who happened to be brothers. Greed. Once they found the treasure, and saw how the gems and diamonds sparkled at them, they realized that neither wanted the other to have it. There would be no sharing. So, they turned on each other. The treasure is now a bloodstained relic of a once great kingdom, taken down by the sole thing that kill all the treasure hunters every time. Greed. Now, I could let you leave here alive, or I could let you pass. Of course, you’d have to deal with the guardians then.” “Th...th...the guardians? Wh...who are they?” The man asked, as the cold reached up his spine. “Oh, I could tell you, but that wouldn’t be any fun. You’ll be one soon!” With that, he picked up the man, and stared him directly in the eyes. A strange power held the man in his stare to the ghost. The figure murmured some unintelligible chants, as the mans eyes grew redder and darker. The cold had completely frozen the room now, and him. It was so cold, a bear could believe that it’s winter, and hibernate. The man’s mortal body was being stripped away, as the cold shattered all the glass in the room. The figure laughed maniacally. “You work for me now! HAHAHAHAHA!”

Days later...

“Hey Sam, come and check this out, I think we’re gonna have some action pretty soon. Strange that this happened so close to Halloween.” said Detective John to his partner as he sipped the morning brew of coffee, as he reclined in the red velvet chair. Sam came over. “What is it sir? Did some guy get possessed by a spirit at Dargon Manor? HA-HA! As if!” Sam said mockingly “Actually, you are laughing at the truth.”

Sam spit out his coffee and donuts that he crammed into his mouth prior to that. All over John and his newspaper. “Sam, please, DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!!” John exclaimed. Of course, if this outburst was not evidence enough that he was mad, the steam coming of his head sure was. Or was that the coffee? “Sorry sir.” Sam apologized. Not a very sincere one mind you. “Alright then. Well, apparently that old lady at the end of the street noticed that the fields around the house where covered with ice. So, in her curiousness, she went and looked into one of the windows of Dargon Manor to see if the ice started there. She didn’t exactly like what she saw. Apparently a businesses partner of her’s from a while back was in there, being possessed by a ghost. Try as she may, there was nothing an old lady like her could have done to prevent this problem.” “Oh, what did she do? Try and talk to the window and politely ask it to open?” Sam asked sarcastically. Ignoring his partner’s remarks, he continued in his explanation, “Of course logic tells us that ghosts CANNOT inhabit a dwelling at all. In fact, ghosts shouldn’t be real at all.” “Well, what are we going to do? Capture a ghost and interrogate it? As if!” Sam scoffed John sighed, “Please try to catch even a tiny glimpse of what’s going on here. That old lady never came to us with phony baloney claims of ghosts or anything like that until now. It’s not just because tonight is All Hallows Eve, but I think that she is speaking the truth.” John appealed. “Well, it doesn’t matter it’s still an old lady who doesn’t want any one to get hurt, which is a good intention, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. She told me that she would be away at some charity function tonight. She thought me might have wanted to come over and ask her some questions. Well, I think that while she’s gone, we go on into Dargon Manor, and have a look see of what’s there. Sam said, obviously having a moment of thought. John took all this in and said, “Alrighty then, tonight, we go on in.”

Hours pass.... John stood around impatiently, waiting for Sam. “Where could that guy be?” He wondered. He decided to stop in at Sam’s house to see what was the matter.

At Sam’s house....

“Hey Sam, where are you?” Asked John as he walked through the door. He just took a quick glance around the main living room, and saw swords, daggers, and other weapons all hung up as decorations. “Who does his decorating?” John wondered sarcastically to himself. “I’m up here!” A voice came from the second floor. Obviously Sam. As John went up the stairs and into Sam’s bedroom, Sam was in bed, and apparently ill. His face was a sickly green. “John just go on without me, I’ll try and meet you later on.” Sam said to John, in a groggy voice. “Alright then Sam, just don’t push yourself too hard.” John stated, concerned. “Don’t worry man, don’t worry.” Sam said in a believable tone. John left the room, and shut the door. As soon as he left, Sam got up, wiped the green lotion off his face. And muttered to himself, “Sucker!” John walked down the street, looking at his final destination; Dargon Manor. That house had survived for many years, without one scratch in it since the war 10 years ago. A cold wind blew, and ruffled John’s fur coat. The sky turned a shade of dark purple, and suddenly, it wasn’t just the night of October 31st, it was Halloween. Something felt different though. Some force seemed to be forcing against him. Leaves blew past him, as the bare trees blew in the wind. John could have sworn he had heard a wolf howl out across the hills. Then, John felt something drop on his face. It was water, but where from? The weather conditions for tonight told that it would be cloudy, that’s it. Then, a downpour began, as moms called their kids back into their houses. A dense fog formed, and you could barley see the palm of you hand. The rain grew heavier by the second, and lighting zapped the ground, as thunder roared. John managed to make his way through the fog and the deluge into Dargon Manor. Wood was cracked, furniture showed burn marks, and utensils and plates were scattered all on the floor. “What a cheerful location” John mused to himself. He figured that he might as well go up the stairs. As his leg hit the first step, a voice cried out, “On the night of Halloween, those who dare to enter this house, will soon see their grave!” With that, the step broke, and sent John falling downward. He fell into a dark abyss. Soon, he saw furniture, and a room. John landed feet first in the Tempurpedic sofa. “How strange that there is such an expensive piece of furniture here.” John stated, bewildered, as he sat himself down for a moment. He then saw a cabinet across the room. He got up, opened up the cabinet, and had a look inside. He saw several photos of John’s wife, Matilda Degana. Beneath each photo was a caption. “Into paradise may the angels lead you.” John spoke to himself, “Odd, what are pictures of Matilda doing here. And look here; her pen, some of her hair, and a letter that she wrote to Sam during the war.” He looked over at a desk that was in the center of the room, and saw a tape recorder, apparently, somebody messed up the tape inside the cassette. Clever John managed to put it all back together very easily. He put in the player, and heard an all too familiar voice, “Well, this will be the final entry in this this journal of mine, and it should only need to be. My plan is perfectly set. I pretend to be sick, I don’t come to this house with John, and he dies here. Plain and simple. Once he’s gone, I’ll activate the Mass Shadow Generator, and bring true horror to this town!” This was evidence enough for John. Although, he should make a DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) sample. He found a fingerprint on the desk, obviously belonging to Sam, and marched out of the convenient door that just appeared. Good enough for John. After he got out, he headed right for the Police Station. At Sam’s house.... Sam sat in his bed, pondering which one of his devious traps got rid of John. He laughed to himself for ever thinking that him and John were friends. Just then, John burst into the room, soaking wet. “Hey man, what happened?” Sam tried to sound casual, although he was pretty mad. “Oh nothing, I just got pretty spooked there, and as soon as I saw that ghost, I got out of there faster then greased lightning.” John said convincingly. He sat down on the bed next to Sam and said, “So Sam, how are you doing? Have you pretty much bonded to your room yet? Well, don’t worry,” *click* “you’ll have a new cell pretty soon. “Huh? Hey, why are these hand cuffs on me?!” said Sam, confused “Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m sorry I forgot Sam.” With that, John opened up the window, and lung Sam out of it. He landed right in a police net, as it tied him up, with the lights on top of the cars flashing like lighthouses through the rain and fog. “You are a convicted thief, murder, scammer, predator, hacker, and many other things Sam. Consider this a gift in return of how you tried to kill me. Jail is a rough place, but you’ll know it well, convict!” And with that, the police cars drove off with Sam in hand. “Ooooh, Mommy look! Fireworks on the ground!” A girl across the street exclaimed. Her mother sighed, “No honey, those are just pretty lights that a nice neighbor is showing off!”


“Great.” Sam thought to himself. “I’m in here in prison, and John was the one who turned me in. Why must fate be so cruel?! I won’t allow them to hold me here for long, because I’m planning to come back, and take vengeance of John.” Just then, a guard tripped and fell on the cement floor, and was knocked out cold. Sam reached through the bars, grabbed the keys, and let himself out of his cell. “Look out John, because Sam is back!” And with that threat, he broke the window, jumped out, and sild down the gutter. Sam could contain himself no longer. As the fog rose, the rain fell, the lighting struck, and the thunder rolled, he let out a maniacal laugh! “FEAR ME JOHN FOR NOW, MY NAME IS CHANGED TO HOJI SAGARA! AND NONE CAN STOP ME, NOT EVEN YOU!" HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

The End...?

Hope U like!