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I am a woman in her early 30s and still a virgin. This is not because of repression, but because I am not attracted to people easily and so have not had a boyfriend and wouldn't want to have sex with someone who I did not have romantic feelings for. I have been kissed only once (it was 11 years ago) and I let him feel my breasts and it felt so good. At that point I wasn't ready to go further, but sometimes I wish I'd let him finger me or suck my breasts or something so I'd at least have that experience. But back then I was inexperienced and definitely not ready for sex. Certainly if I had a boyfriend now I would have sex. Please don't respond with advice to seek one, because it will happen when it happens. And as I said, I don't want some random "screw buddy" either.

For now, I'm looking to get the most out of my Vibrators, the Piston Pecker. It comes with thrusting and rotating action as well as a Clitoral Vibrator. It feels unbelievably good. I can make myself orgasm, but that only really works when the penis part of the vibrator is doing its work while I'm simultaneously manually stimulating my clitoris (for some reason it doesn't work as well when I rely on the clitoral attachment). The orgasm is also not as intense as I want. I want the experience with play vibrator to feel as much like real sex as possible. Obviously I don't know what that's like, so I rely on other people's opinions in that regard. What I want to do is learn how to have an intense orgasm. I want to gush if possible. I am able to stimulate my G spot and I get that "have to pee" feeling, but nothing further. Maybe I need a vibrator that's more intense? Or bigger? Or maybe i need to do something different with the one I have? Can anybody offer me any advice and techniques? Advice on other sex toys to get will be helpful as well. I want%

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Awesome thread yo, five stars.

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I smell a troll *raises eyebrow* This is a job for dun dun dun DUN! Tricorder XD

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I'll give you a 9.8/10 for creativity.

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Yeah, where's Tricorder??



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Cool story, but wrong forum.


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MoreGun89;5496870I smell a troll *raises eyebrow* This is a job for dun dun dun DUN! Tricorder XD[/QUOTE] Dun dun dun dun dun dun...
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*enters thread*
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[QUOTE=Silberio;5496890]Yeah, where's Tricorder??

Yeah, where is Tri... oh wait. =p


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how did i guess this thread would lure you here?

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That is clearly tricorders alt account.