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Welcome to Mu Bravery ( Mu Online Private Server ) Season 6 Episode 3 Simple Premium Files Working In High Quality Machene ( FAst And No Lag) BUILD BY PLAYERS DDOS&DOS PROTECTION.

Our Servers Rates Mu online 99999x Mu online 2000x Mu online 200x

Everything you can Get free ( from Grand Resets or Vote Reward System) Exchange coins to credits or Credites to Coins From website Online time 24/7 X shop items ( Cash Shop inside game) Selling All items F.O items Ancients and Wings ...ects ( Special Made By our Team ) Good Spots Good Drops RF and Summoner Free to Create Reset System Grand Reset System ( reward 2000 credits) Castle Seige Every Saturday Vote Reward System Jewels At Shops Bless Souls Only Box Of Kundon +1~+5 Stable server Good Auto-updater. Our Team Accept Suggestions Complans Report Bugs and Take it as Iergent Cases Most of Things Done By Players Opinions Welcome To Our NEw Started server we Accept All Countries People cus our Server International Server Good Things Comming in future Join us Today

Events Going on Chance to win GM +20 $ ( monthly ) Share and Get rewards (Daily)

More Games We Have Lineage2 Travian other games Comming In Features

Our Link BraveryNetwork

Thanx Regards MBN Team (Mu Bravery Network Team )