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9th September 2007

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#1 16 years ago

here i have collected the first two pages of the game "add 3 words" now if some one else does a page or two we will have a complet story soon i was walking down the street havin a bud and chillin out Killin sum Ducks then eating them and disgusting crap which i found very nasty shit indeed. So then I ripped one in two because the smell doubled and I fainted. Cheese turns bluish-green on your face eat Frosted Flakes and shit fell i took umbrella over to McDonalds stole some chesse which was off a chicken gizzard and that cheese smelled like feet from a nuclear monkey plant witch hates all monkeys especially hobo joe who bows down to no man.not even ColonlelSanders although he is with his momma in cow manure which smells like german parakeet gizzards that have mold. gaint monkeys eat all kinds of and hobo joe. (END) Once there was a chicken-turkey hybrid so ugly that people shot them whenever it walked