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24th September 2007

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#1 7 years ago

Fuck yeah!

[9:22] moregun89: stupid amaerican question [9:22] granyaski: got to meet [9:22] granyaski: somehow [9:22] moregun89: what is the difference? [9:23] dragonelf68: YOU SPEELED AMAERICAN WRONG [9:23] themirage: HELL YEAH AMERICA [9:23] moregun89: oh woops [9:23] moregun89: good morning then haha [9:23] dragonelf68: AMAERICA! FUCK YEAH! [9:23] embee: Amaerican !! [9:23] museum: england is a country on the island of great britain, including wales and scotland [9:23] embee: GOD BLESS AMAERICA [9:23] moregun89: COMING TO SAVE THE MOTHER FUCKING DAY YEAH! [9:23] moregun89: oooh [9:23] museum: the uk is the combination of great britain and northern ireland [9:23] themirage: OOH RAH!!!!