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24th September 2007

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#1 8 years ago

Read the comments and check out the images. Here's some gems.

My copilot and I both used these during our "daily grind" transcontinental flights from San Diego to Minneapolis. We had to modify them a bit to fit snug against the instrument panels (when we bought them we didn't realize the planes we fly don't have steering wheels!), but in the end it did the job. With our laptops firmly in place we were able to focus our attention on what really mattered, participating in raids with our WoW clan. During our last flight we were so immersed in trying to take down Eranikus that we overshot Minneapolis by a full hour and a half before some annoying flight attendant interrupted us, babbling something about "FAA and F16 fighters."

We'll definitely use this product again at our next gig, whatever and whenever that happens to be...

Highly recommended!

This is perhaps the greatest invention in the world. I can line up my needles, spoon and tourniquet all while driving. It's also a great place to put my arm while I'm shooting up. It isnt really a great place to put my LSD stamps, well not when the window's down or the ACs running. When i black out, the table will catch my head and stop the drool from getting all over. The AutoExec's only problem is when me and my woman are driving together and i get in the mood. I grabbed her by the back of her head and tried to push her face into my crotch, trying to get some oral pleasure. Unfortunatly, I forgot the table was there and just kept slamming her face onto it. I ended up busting her nose wide open. If i hand't been so loaded with a mixture of black tar and china white, I may have realized what was going on after the 7th or 8th time. None of this changes the fact that the goddamn purple worm is out to get me.
This is the worst ironing board ever. Why would it not come with the cloth cover? There are scorch marks all over it, melted plastic everywhere and my clothes are tearing between the iron and the board. While I appreciated the time savings of ironing in the car, I don't appreciate having to buy the cover separately. Come on guys, don't try and nickle and dime us.
My neck thanks you AutoExec! My breasts are very cumbersome, and causes some neck and back pain, especially after being on my feet all night at work. As a professional dancer, it is important I feel my best. And now, on my way home to my trailer out in the woods, I get much needed relief with the Wheelmate Steering Wheel Desk Tray! (can you make them in hot pink?)



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#2 8 years ago

I raise BOTH my eyebrows at this.