Ascending to the Fifth Dimension 2 replies

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5th August 2004

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#1 14 years ago

In order to progress to the fifth plane of particle existence, you must first have transformed your mind, body and soul into one small particle. To do this, see next section. In order to transform into a particle, you must first choose which particle to transform into. The available options are listed below, in order of easiness to obtain. Electron (very easy) Proton (slightly harder) Neutron (try another one on your first attempt) Photon (difficult) Graviton (very hard) Tachyon (impossible, there can only be one tachyon in existence at any one time, and I have already filled this position) Note: Other particles are available, but have not been thoroughly tested. You choose a different particle at your own risk. Once you have chosen your particle, imagine all the other particles in your body flying into this one particle. This will take many attempts, but once you have achieved it, the rest is comparatively easy. Now, once you have obtained your new form, try transforming back into yourself (if you get stuck, I shall visit you and help you). To do this, you must imagine all the particles that flew into you flying back out again. This should be easy. Once again, transform yourself back into your chosen particle. Now, imagine space folding itself into a ball. Now imagine every single particle flowing into the middle of it. This is the hardest part; it is very hard to imagine every single particle in the Universe. Do not worry about the accuracy of your imagination, as long as you relax and imagine it, you will be presented with the right number. After five minutes, open your eyes (metaphorically speaking; you don’t have eyes as a particle). You should now see everything in a new light. It is very hard to explain, but you will notice the difference when you see it. To change back, imagine the particles all flowing back out, and the ball unravelling. Practice your newfound ability often, and you will find it much easier each time. Believe me, I can do it almost without thinking about it. Have fun, and seek knowledge. Tachyon, Master of all particles



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29th July 2003

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#2 14 years ago

/me thinks really hard, and turns into a piece of poo

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9th August 2003

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#3 14 years ago

Excellent choice, WW2dude.

/me transforms into a peach particle.