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17th June 2002

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#61 15 years ago

AvP with Doom 3 graphics engine... AvP with Doom 3 graphics engine... AvP with Doom 3 graphics engine... AvP with Doom 3 graphics engine... AvP with Doom 3 graphics engine... AvP with Doom 3 graphics engine... AvP with Doom 3 graphics engine...

Wow. They could do some REALLY scary stuff in there. Far more than the Doom 3 game itself managed...

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8th July 2002

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#62 15 years ago

I'd prefure the HL2 engine. The ability to render huge outdoor areas and indoor areas with excellent detail, real-world physics with destructible terrain, and superb AI. Who says they can't adapt the AI to preds and aliens?


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1st July 2003

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#63 15 years ago

Either engine would be awesome. So is there any hope of AvP 3 ever getting made?, Im tired of waiting to hear something, they have two great engines they could use, what are they waiting for?.


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12th May 2010

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#64 15 years ago

If they make avp3, i reckon the preds and aliens need to be able to slice and dice some more, maybe close quater animations, like an alien hanging on the ceiling, then someone walks below and a little icon shows up to say u can perform a special move, then the alien drops a bit grabs the guys head with his little legs kicking and screaming pulls him up and munches on his brains with blodd flowin like a fountain down below, oh i can see it now . . .

same for the preds when in combat like 3rd person or something sticking blades through people and throwing them aside ahahaha! and with aliens sticking tails through people and maybe a predator getting pissed grabbing the tail and swinging him around into a wall where his head explodes! hahahahar!


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9th September 2006

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#65 15 years ago

Sorry, but i just have to say this - AvP(any) doesent have to be balanced! Jesus, preds ARE supposed to be stronger than humans - i think the solution to this problem is something like....if there are 12 players in server and all species then....2 preds;4humans;6 aliens or something like that(some built in auto-assign team system or something). But yes, pistol(and tracking plasma) are too powerful. And i think there should be no track at all(disc should be faster, much faster).Its not that hard to kill a pred when marine sniper(or corp).Aliens and Preds should be a lot faster. Everything else is fine in avp2 :) maybe a little darker maps heh.