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24th September 2007

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#1 7 years ago
[9:41] dragonelf68: GLENN BECK HAS CHALKBOARDS FULL OF QUESTIONS [9:41] dragonelf68: SURPRISE SURPRISE [9:41] dragonelf68: EGYPT IS A FREIDNEMY [9:43] dragonelf68: ALL THE WAY OVER TO US *points at map of Europe* [9:44] themirage: wtf is he going on about? [9:44] dragonelf68: Riots in egypt [9:44] dragonelf68: YouTube - Glenn Beck-01/31/11-B [9:45] dragonelf68: Listening to him gives me humor [9:45] themirage: well I knew about that [9:45] themirage: someone else speak now please. I feel aloe and cold in here [9:46] dragonelf68: YES BUT DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THE AMERIKKK AND THE RETILIAN OVERLORDS [9:46] dragonelf68: AND DID YOU KNOW THAT OBAMANATION IS PLOTTING TO TAKE AWAY OUR FREEDOM [9:46] themirage: yes I did [9:46] themirage: that commie has to be stopped [9:46] dragonelf68: And that we are apparently in Europe [9:46] themirage: ...okay that I didn't know [9:47] dragonelf68: WELL NOW YOU DO [9:47] dragonelf68: THE DISCOVERING OF AMERICA IS A CONSPIRACY [9:47] dragonelf68: IT NEVER HAPPENED [9:47] themirage: okay seriously....oban, malice, someone... [9:47] themirage: feel free to pitch in [9:48] dragonelf68: THEY DO NOT EXIST [9:48] themirage: I feel like I'm falling headfirst into the twilight zone [9:48] dragonelf68: THEY ARE PART OT HE CONSPIRACY [9:48] themirage: damn you, damn you dragonelf [9:48] dragonelf68: BEWARE OF THE AMERIKKK OF OBAMANATION [9:48] dragonelf68: NOW THAT YOU KNOW THE TRUTH! [9:48] obankobi: :Panic: [9:49] themirage: allahu akbar [9:49] dragonelf68: DID YOU KNOW THAT OBAMA IS MUSLIM ALSO [9:49] dragonelf68: HE'S A REPTILIAN MUSLIM [9:49] obankobi: orly [9:50] dragonelf68: AND THE TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA [9:50] dragonelf68: BUT THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION DOES [9:50] dragonelf68: AND WE DON'T KNOW THE TRUTH [9:51] obankobi: i work for the government to find peoplel like you. See you tonight [9:51] themirage: k.... [9:51] themirage: I also work for the govt [9:51] obankobi: IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN [9:51] themirage: fyi [9:51] dragonelf68: LE GASP [9:51] obankobi: we could tag team him [9:52] obankobi: I'll bring the bag, you bring the ropes [9:52] dragonelf68: YOU ARE ALL PART OF THE CONSPRIACY [9:52] dragonelf68: I MUST ALERT THE INTERNET [9:52] obankobi: yup [9:52] themirage: silence him, oban




I didn't make it!

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25th January 2004

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#3 7 years ago

Don't listen to him. I wasn't even on tinychat today. Ask anyone who was there.