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26th May 2003

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Something’s wrong, the air seems too thick to breath. Sparks on a distant fire leap forwards through the night slashing towards my face; Flashes of blinding light. The world drops away from under my feet and air whistles around my face mingling with the sparks, two extremes hot and cold, light and dark wage a running war across my being. Fire that burns beyond pain, the numbing darkness flashing swiftly after, things start to escape, light shoots across my vision, then darkness replaces it a sickening dribble of moisture runs down my face and I try to reach up my arm but it wont move, I try to look at my body but I cant turn my head. It starts to fade; I'm left alone, bereft of any feeling at all, afloat in a sea of darkness. Days, hours, minutes, how long it was I cannot tell, my mind started to drift away. Dreams came running, one upon another and each treasured and held like the most precious gift. Vast empires expand across the planet raising monuments that will be puzzled over by those who come after, a mother's smile, a father's pride, a teenager's first kiss, great ships burning like the funeral pyres of ancient kings against the pure black of darkest night, a widow's pain, wars of such scope and hatred that they rise up and smash the very stars to forge their weapons. So many places, times without reference, events bereft of meaning; fulcrums and weights and balance, all laid clear at once and over an eternity. Something reaches out, it's touch soft as cloud and yet intensely painful, wrenched from the void, packed into a singular dream. I have been here once before, the rules are familiar, the game old, one last throw of the dice then, winner take all.

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2nd April 2003

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