Campaign to give Minnesnowtan the status of Sexmin. 2 replies

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19th February 2005

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With campaign threads shooting up, Minnesnowtan has decided that he needs to set the record straight by jumping onto the bandwagon.

As a faithful sex symbol for the Gaming Forums since 2005, we at the Minnesnowtan for Sexmin, 010' campaign believe that Minnesnowtan is more than qualified for the position of Sexmin.

What is a Sexmin, you ask? A Sexmin is like an Admin, but even cooler and without any of the responsibilities or sensibilities that admins have. It is a new position of course, and that is not without challenges, but the Roman Empire had similar problems in creating the position of Emperor, and frankly that worked out just fine for them, this is a similar situation!

Reasons to support the Minnesnowtan for Sexmin 010' Campaign:

1. Minnesnowtan created the concept of Sexmin, this entitles him to the office. [COLOR=lightgray]Backed up by facts.[/COLOR] 2. Minnesnowtan once fought off an army of Russian Communist Bears on the brink of invading the United States, and he did it with only a bait of vodka and a dull butterknife. [COLOR=lightgray]This is a fuckin' true story, no lie.[/COLOR] 3. Minnesnowtan would give Nitestriker 3 of his own smileys; One of Pedobear is sneak mode, One of Pedobear in attack mode, and one of Pedobear humping a dynamically changing figure, whose face would be decided by the profile picture of the above member. [COLOR=lightgray]Yep.[/COLOR] 4. Minnesnowtan would institute logical and efficient joining mechanisms that would increase membership and keep troublemakers out. [COLOR=lightgray]Women = Titpics or GTFO, Men = Ca$h or GTFO[/COLOR] 5. Minnesnowtan would help admins operate with more enthusiasm and civic duty. [COLOR=lightgray]Beatings would resume posthaste.[/COLOR] 6. Minnesnowtan is half black and partially Cherokee, so there's like a 100% chance you've enslaved his ancestors. [COLOR=lightgray] All estimates are approximate.[/COLOR] 7. There aren't even any other candidates capable of running for said office. [color=lightgray]That are yet unbanned[/color]

Minnesnowtan approves of this message.


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8th June 2009

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I follow teh Moo!

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23rd February 2007

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