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#1 10 years ago

When you want to look your best and dress to impress what do You wear?

This is the best I came up with this week, but I have some ideas for next friday night send me yours!!


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23rd October 2007

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#2 10 years ago

Stop spamming, you're almost as bad as Splicer100/101.


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11th February 2009

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#3 10 years ago

Usually pants.

I've noticed that my chances of getting into clubs or pubs are drastically reduced when I'm not wearing any.

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19th January 2003

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#4 10 years ago

snake skin boots with knee high white socks, plaid slacks, a white belt, with a big buckle that says "bad girl", a purple silk vest wearing a Duke of Hazzards T-shirt under it, with a full on trench coat, a pentagon neckleck and a Native American Indian knock off necklace with feather included with nothing but a bandanna on my head(solid snake style)

And to tie it all together, eight rings that spell Dick Fuck on them.