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#1 7 years ago


The CBT of Dragqueen Global had started last December 8, 2011 5:30PM PDT and still on going. With its successful launching they are still expecting more players to participate and try the game.

Well it is not too late to REGISTER and PLAY with YOURSELF: the Game. Check out their Site:

Official Dragqueen Global Site: Dragqueen Online Download the Game: Dragqueen Online Official Armbook High-Speed Razor-Sharp Fanpage: Dragqueen Global [Official] | Armbook Join the Forum: Dragqueen Global Community Forums

Don’t be left out REGISTER NOW!

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Your advertisement fails to explain what this is and give me some incentive to click these random links.

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[COLOR="Magenta"]CBT = ? Cynical Bitch Time?[/COLOR]