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9th September 2004

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#71 15 years ago

By jingo I think I may or may not have it !. (no it isn't contageous) After years of testing I've finally found a way to stop our furry feline friends exploding when placed in "microwave ovens" Simply puncture said cat no less than 32 times with a "fork" - (*that is A "fork" and NOT A "spooooon") Thus releasing the pressure built up inside your pussy while the "microwavisation" !!?? is taking place, providing that you cook on the lowest setting possible no explosion will take place. -(BUT WHERE IS THE FUN IN THAT !) On second thoughts, just whack the cat on the back of the "head" with a "bat" and stick it in the "microwave" for 2 minutes on super fu**ing high and watch with delight as it lines the inside of your microwave with it's "guts and brains" Yours affectionately, Mrs Jonothan Mister (R.S.P.C.A.) PS. Kiss Kiss XX :p