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#81 15 years ago
  1. After the first donation, you will receive The Sentinus. Donate gold twice more (ammount doesn't matter) to get the title Paladin and the age reduction (which cuts off between 5 and 10 years).

So on the second and third donations, you could give one gold?

I did as many side quests as I could, so I usually finished at around 60 yrs. (I played multiple times obviously :p)

Did anyone else actually let the credits go by? Of course we all know that you get to continue playing if you do... but they are like 15 minutes long! I've discovered why. If you watch, they have goofy things like

Pizza ordered [number] Chinese take-out [number] Children born during the making of Fable [number] " ": TLC [number]


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#82 15 years ago

yes, 1 gold works aswell for the latter two.