Facts about Serbia (The Serbia Thread) 43 replies

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28th October 2005

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#41 9 years ago

let's all sing a happy song

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24th October 2007

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#42 9 years ago

Impossible with the Serbs.

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1st February 2010

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#43 9 years ago

[COLOR=orange]In today's news: Serbia is for sale! You had better hurry. This offer cannot last long.[/COLOR] [COLOR=orange]

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[/COLOR] [COLOR=orange][/COLOR] [COLOR=orange][/COLOR] [COLOR=orange]You must be very careful. These Serbains will not be bought easily.[/COLOR] [COLOR=orange]

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Joe Bonham

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10th December 2005

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#44 9 years ago

I don't believe in Serbia. I'm a traditionalist.