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FILESNATION ROCKETEERS LOSE 2-9 In sports news, the FilesNation Rocketeers lost against the Nobody Noobs from Unknowistan earlier today. The match, which was called a 'disaster unlike which the sports world has never seen before', ended with frontplayer Sheepeep throwing his wheel against the ceiling, storming off the pitch and abducting defending rookie player Mikey. Asked about the loss, and the Rocketeers standing in the Rocket League, FileTrekker had this to say; 'Getting these people to play well together is harder than catching a train out of Northampton' FILENAUTS REACT TO REACTIONS With a new program called 'FilesNation 1.0.5', the FilesCourt has instituted mandatory Reaction options on all public statements within FilesNation. These reactions are recorded and displayed via a holographic image over the location that the person made the statement at. We reached out to some FileNauts to hear their reactions to the reactions, but were met with angry smiley faces. HEATWAVE STRIKES FILESNATION It be hot. We can't help it. Temperatures are projected to reach -0 all across the nation, and data repositories are expected to leak. Get your ice cream into the fridge and your beers out, people. It's a heatwave.