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Issue #08 30/01/2017

ANGRY EPIDEMIC STRIKES FILESNATION Californicator's Rise, FILESNATION - Shocking! Grotesque! Awkward! Those are some of the words that have been used to describe the latest epidemic to strike Californicator's Rise. After Chief Administrator of Wellness, Hope, and Prosperity, FileTrekker, denounced the Discordant(a group of agitators belonging to the Red Republic), he was hit with dozens of tomatoes. The tomatoes had an angry face painted on them, and seemed to materialise from activists palms. BRANCHING BUGGERS BAG BIG BUCKS Canadatown, FILESNATION - Long St. John of Canadatown, famous for his smooth jazz voice and big pens, became the lucky owner of the FilesNation Trophy of Big Antlers this Saturday when he bugged a 980kg buck on the outskirts of Buggerleaf Glade. The buck, of the rare Barbecote genus, is the biggest that has ever been sighted in FilesNation.

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