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#1 2 years ago

FileTrekker woke up in a strange bed one morning.  He couldn't quite remember how he'd ended up in this position, but nevertheless, it was sex and he would never have passed it down.  Looking to the left, he saw an ass.  Not just any ass, but the most amazing "10/10 would fuck again" ass in existence. 

In a matter of seconds, his flaccid dick went hard.  He shoved it straight into the ass and pounded away for a solid 55 minutes before reaching climax. "Fuck mate, that was good." He spoke unto his partner, who was exhausted from the serious pounding.

"What the fuck?" His partner responded. "Fucking me while I sleep?"

FileTrekker stared into the donkey's eyes, before being kicked out of the bed.

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#2 2 years ago

FilesNation fanfic #1


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#3 2 years ago

best ever

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#4 2 years ago


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