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17th July 2006

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#1 10 years ago

teh Dun version of most Embarssing Game Moment!

My Funnest game moment was when i was playing CoD4 on Countdown, I was playing Search And Destroy, Planted Claymores at bomb B, i went back around the map, along the back, behind my team, *which sucked* and came up behind one of them, and stabbed him. i then kept moving, i saw one more of their guys hidding, so i shot him in the back, then one of their guys came sprinting out beside me, right past me, so i shot him in the back, then, one of there guys walks across in front of me, mobing to another cover, as my team was laying down fire on them, so i shot him in the back, then, there was only 1 guy left, a Sniper, i spotted him, he shot me, so i shot back, wasting the rest of my ammo for my AK-74U, so i whipped out my pistol and went around behind him, he had dissapeared, so i went hunting, I saw his shadow underneath the truck i was standing behind, i went around and shot him in the back, thus killing every single one on their team, all by myself.


Now, tell us your funnest game Moment!



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14th February 2007

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#2 10 years ago

Mine, in SWEAW i've re-told this literally dozens of times ;)

It was on an unlimited money map, it's almost a plain map though.

after the first 10 minutes my allie quit on me, thus piting me in a 2V1 ! it was my longest battle EVER 4 hours! i alternated betwene a few stratagys, they almost always had 4 crippled ISD's each in the center of the map, and i help for oh...... 4 hours before they got a ship hyperspaced in behind my station, and then it went downhill for 30 mins to the end. i've got no time to make a 2000 word post about it like i've done before, but i'll make the final stats after i lost(saying "LONG LIVE THE REBELLION" At the End ;) )

losses: Me: 34 mon calamari cruisers 84 corellian gunboats a whole mess of righters 40 neb-B frigates Tons more

THEM: 124 ISD's 200 sumthun acxclamators

i didn't write it down, but i remember the mod cal and isd counts because they are the main ones. it was like 4 months ago.

and to the last poster, YOU BACKSTAPING NO GOOD BACK SHOOTER!!!! :lol:



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8th May 2007

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#3 10 years ago

I can't remember the funniest moment, but I'll tell you the most recent one I can think of. So, I was playing FH 2 in the Matruh, I go to one of the bombed out buildings, struttin' my Lee-Enfield No. 4 around. So, I peek around the corner, out one of the doors to up the street, and I see a bunch of Nazis marching down towards me. No problem, right? Switch to iron sights. I blew holes in them, but then I ran out of ammo. No problem, right? I can reload, vvveeerrryyyy slowly with a stripper clip. So, I try to reload, and one of those Nazis comes through the door of the ruined house. I am still reloading, and most weapons in the mod are one shot, one kill things, and there's no time, so I swap to bayonet and charge at him. I quickly gore him to death, then swap back to rifle mode and finish reloading. I look around the corner, through the door, and lo and behold, more of them are coming, because they have a control point right up the hill from my position. No problem, right? I can kill them all. Well, I take aim, but I jump back when I hear the distinct sound of bullets smacking into brick. I wait a moment, then pop back out and shoot two people. Then get I turn around just in time to see a Nazi coming through the other door I wasn't watching. Needless to say, his MP40 > my No. 4 at 10 feet...